Feed Hungry Children!

We are reminded at Christmas that Jesus was born as a baby and depended on his parents to care for him. Many children in South Africa do not have parents to care for them. Your help is needed so they are not hungry.
Abba’s Pride travels many miles each day delivering food to hundreds of children in our daycare centers and after-school programs. For children like Maria, it’s likely it is all they will eat for the day.

Maria is a 10-year old whose parents have passed away. She lives with her grandmother and 20 other children. She must have food to take her daily medication. Maria’s health has drastically improved since receiving food at the after-school program. She loves coming to the program because she knows she will get something she might not get at home—something to eat.

Moving into 2019 God has given Abba’s Pride 600 children to feed. The food has been donated—it’s ready to transport—but we need your help to deliver the food to the children.

We need $5,000 to deliver food to 600 hungry children by December 31st. 

Please help us feed kids like Maria.  For just $83 you can fight hunger for 10 children. You can make sure each child does not go to sleep hungry. Will you help?

Yes, I Can Feed Hungry Children