About The Ministry

Abba’s Pride was birthed out of Eastside Community Church’s (ECC) desire to touch the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children with the hope of Jesus. As the mission expression of ECC we are committed to bringing the Hope of Christ to vulnerable children by coming alongside under-resourced churches, in order to help their congregations develop sustainable and reproducible ministries.

The Problem

Thousands of children in South Africa live without parents or responsible adults in their homes. They are vulnerable, living in squatter and under-resourced communities. The children are hungry and lacking basic necessities.

Our Solution

Abba’s Pride is committed to bringing the Hope of Christ to vulnerable children by coming alongside under-resourced churches to help their congregations develop sustainable and reproducible ministries. These ministries aim to: feed hungry and malnourished children; equip early childhood centers for preschoolers; create after-school “Safe Zones” where children can receive food, tutoring, and spiritual education; intentionally disciple adults and coach them to be transformational leaders in their communities.

Our Programs

Early Childhood Centers and Teacher Training Programs

All children deserve an enriching learning environment where they receive holistic care by skilled teachers. It is critical that they begin their foundations phase of education school ready. Teachers that can create stimulating classrooms with educational activities and equipment are key.

Because one teacher impacts twenty or more children, investing in teacher training is essential. Abba’s Pride provides two levels of teacher training. First, we organize quarterly community wide training which casts a large net and impacts up to 150 practitioners. Second, a small learning community of 15 to 20 invited teachers participate in the ECD GUILD Teacher Training Program. Guild practitioners receive skill advancement through curriculum implementation, practical hands on training, theory lessons, Abba’s Pride staff observations and mentorships. The GUILD Program offers adults the opportunity to receive certification in a nationally accredited teacher training program.

After School Programs

At Abba’s Pride, we encourage our partnering centers to develop After School Programs for the school age children in their community.  The goal of the programs is to develop the church into being a safe zone for the children.  Leaders from within the church direct the program according to what the church believes the children need.  Programs range from 10 to over 100 kids.  Each program is different as some play games or receive homework help, but all of them give children the opportunity to eat a healthy meal and hear the Gospel through Bible stories.

Feeding Programs

With 66% of children in South Africa classified as poor, the feeding challenge is one of our primary concerns. Proper nutrition is essential for children to grow intellectually and physically strong. Through both corporate and private donors, Abba’s Pride is able to provide two nutritionally balanced meals to children in our partnering early childhood centers. At present we have the following donors, for which we are extremely grateful, whose donations are distributed among our partnering centers.

  • Monument Spar: Supplies bread each Monday morning
  • Newlands Spar: Supplies bread Monday – Thursday each week
  • JAM (Joint Aid Management) porridge through Take Action Ministries: At the beginning of each month, Abba’s Pride receives 24 bags of porridge, allowing us to come alongside our partnering churches and provide a well-balanced, fully nutritious meal to children of all ages.
  • Lyttelton Fresh Produce Housewives Market: On Mondays and Fridays, Abba’s Pride receives fresh vegetables that allows our partnering centers to make fresh, healthy food for their students.
  • FoodForward ZA: As members of the South Africa food bank food is picked-up and distributed to our partnering early childhood centers and aftercare programmes.

Construction and Agriculture

Our construction projects aim to enhance the intellectual growth of children through stimulating and safe learning environments that are important to the development of children. Projects range from remodeling, ground up builds, and playground equipment to curriculum, books, cubbies, puzzles, math manipulatives, crayons, paper, tables and chairs.

Through our agricultural projects, we strive to provide sustainable resources to our partnering early childhood centers and their communities. We are able to do this through the development of gardens and the installation of boreholes (wells).