Our Team

Lonnie Warren (Co-Founder/Executive Director)


Lonnie’s heart for people allows him to play a vital part in partnering with pastors by creating friendships, mentoring and discipleship. He oversees the construction and development projects with partnering organizations, oversees and assists with the collection and distribution of food donations, and serves as the Abba’s Pride travel agent. Lonnie plays a key role in a our leadership team and helps to carry out multiple tasks within the ministry.

Send Lonnie an email at lonnie@abbaspride.com

Josiah Jones


Josiah’s experience in athletic leadership allows him to oversee the development of after school activities for school aged children at a high level. Josiah works to train both teachers and pastors on how to use sports as an outreach ministry to their communities, both children and families. Josiah also uses his love for discipleship and young adults to head up our Serve South Africa internship program.

Send Josiah an email at josiah@abbaspride.com

Jabu Dlamini


Jabu serves as our team’s administrative assistant. She assists with teacher trainings and finances. She has a warm smile you will see four days a week in our Abba’s Pride office.

Send Jabu an email at jabu@abbaspride.com

Anna Goldsmith


Anna serves as our female Serve South Africa intern coordinator as she mentors and disciples young adults from all over the world. Anna also brings her knowledge and experience in the primary level classroom to the team. She is playing a vital role in the expansion of our teacher training program.

Send Anna an email at anna@abbaspride.com

Robyn Mackey


Robyn holds a degree in social work and a masters in play therapy. She is playing an important role in developing and preparing for the launch of the Abba’s Pride child sponsorship program in 2017.

Send Robyn email at robynmackey24@gmail.com

Debbie Warren (Co-Founder/Executive Director)


Debbie is an educator at heart. Having earned her Doctor of Adult Education and Staff Development and having years of teaching experience, Debbie plays a vital role in Abba’s Pride partnering crèches. Debbie uses her gift of teaching and love for discipleship as she partners with teachers by coming alongside them for teacher training and mentorship training. Her knowledge and experience in education allows her to excel in overseeing the curriculum development of Abba’s Pride. Debbie also oversees the finances for Abba’s Pride. 

Send Debbie an email at debbie@abbaspride.com

Rebecca Jones


Rebecca’s brings her experience and knowledge in special education to a country where this is not readily available. She assists in curriculum development, best practice identification and teacher training. Rebecca is instrumental in working with community based Grade R teachers and classroom establishment. Rebecca also uses her love for photography as she oversees the ministry’s website and social media platforms. 

Send Rebecca an email at rebecca@abbaspride.com

Julian Marsay


Julian brings his expertise and knowledge of business and finance to our team. He oversees the partnership of Abba’s Pride with South African organizations. Julian also manages our partnerships with multiple businesses who donate food on a weekly basis.

Send Julian an email at julian@abbaspride.com

Pamela Monnakgotla


Pamela serves as a mentor and trainer for our Early Childhood GUILD program. Her love for the Lord and her ability to speak in multiple home languages allows her to be a huge asset to our team.

Send Pamela an email at maphirim@icloud.com