Support a Project

Abba’s Pride is a non-profit organization. We run solely based on people like you who are want to come alongside our organization and make dreams a reality! All donations are tax-deductible.
Support Our Early Childhood GUILD Teacher Program

At Abba’s Pride we believe that all children deserve an enriching environment where they receive holistic care by skilled teachers. Because of this, our team works hard to come alongside teachers in the under-resourced areas to help create stimulating classroom where educational activities are key.

Because one teacher impacts twenty or more children, investing in teacher training is essential. Abba’s Pride has designed a program called the “ECD GUILD Teacher Training Program”. Teachers enrolled in the GUILD program receive skill advancement through curriculum implementation, practical hands on training, theory lessons, and Abba’s Pride staff observations and mentorships. With the GUILD program having two levels (GUILD 1 and GUILD 2), our staff is able to encourage and challenge all of our teachers based on their individual needs.

This program is offered free to our teachers and run based solely off financial donors from people like you. In order to make this program work we need you financial support to cover visits to each teacher, preschool curriculum for them to use, teaching aides, and a modest salary for their mentor/trainer.  A donation of $60 a month will impact 30 plus children and their teacher.