Our Programmes​

The programmes of Abba’s Pride are geared towards the holistic development and nurture of children and youth in the communities in which we serve.  The main thrusts of our programmes deal with supporting access to quality education, spiritual growth and development, health and safety, and leadership development.  This is accomplished by coming alongside pastors, practicioners, and leaders, providing regular trainings and meetings, on-site guidance, and a variety of resources which include infrastructure, curriculum materials, youth and adult leadership training materials, financial and nutritional support.

Early Childhood Development

Because one teacher impacts the lives of many children, investing in teacher training is essential. We provide support through training in skill advancement, curriculum implementation and methodology, practical on-site trainings, teacher counselling, teacher bible studies and quarterly Guild teacher trainings.  Abba’s Pride’s ECD mentor makes regular classroom visits to observe progress and support structured daily programmes.

Abba’s Pride partners with four ECD programmes and assists two others.  Our goal is to equip and empower ECD practitioners as they reach the lives of children and help them to be “school ready”. We reach over 300 children in our ECD programmes.

After Care Programme

In order to keep children and youth off the streets after school, not engaging in inappropriate or nefarious activities, Abba’s Pride began supporting churches in the development of After Care programmes. Our initial goal through starting these programmes was to create “Safe Zones” for children to come and experience God’s presence in their community, feeding them physically and spiritually.

Later on, we observed a significant need for educational support. Many students that attend our After Care programmes are struggling academically as they attend under-resourced schools with poor teacher-student ratios and sometimes classes with long absent teachers.  Our current focus and goals have been geared towards piloting and implementing additional supports at After Care including Math Clubs, structured reading groups, and Homework Help/Tutoring. 

In addition to educational support, children who attend regularly participate in bible lesson activities, arts & crafts, worship, drama, dance, sports & more.

In order to support the implementation of 5 After Care programmes, we come alongside and disciple adult and youth leaders.  We provide support including quarterly Guild trainings, regular on-site visits and leader meetings, youth leadership development, and spiritual mentoring.  

We reach over 500 children and youth in our After Care Programmes.

Feeding and Agriculture Programme

With 66% of children in South Africa classified as poor, the feeding challenge is one of our primary concerns. Proper nutrition is essential for children to grow intellectually and physically strong.

With the assistance of both corporate and private donors, Abba’s Pride is able to provide at least one nutritionally balanced meal a day to children in our partnering early childhood and after care centres.

We have also been able to assist with gardening projects which have supported sustainable and nutritious foods for children, as well as vulnerable families, including families of our sponsored children.

Through our feeding and agriculture programme, we are able to provide food in nine communities across three provinces, feeding over 700 children daily.

Abba’s Child Sponsorship Programme

Our child sponsorship programme was created in order to help meet the needs of the most vulnerable children within the communities we work.

The programme provides orphaned and vulnerable children with food parcels, toiletry items, school uniforms, psychosocial support and individual/group counselling from our social worker.

We currently sponsor 23 children across four communities through corporate and individual sponsorships, impacting over 100 lives, including sponsored children & their families.

Our partnering churches have begun to identify community liaisons that will work closely with the social worker to provide additional, regular support for sponsored children and families.

Leadership & Skills Development

We believe strongly in the discipleship and coaching of leaders. Our hope is to equip, empower and develop leaders in the community, including pastors, teachers, adult and youth leaders, guardians, and foster parents seeking further skills development.

We believe that helping to bring hope to children includes supporting their families, educators, and community leaders.

Foster Home Project

Our goal is to come alongside one of our partnering churches in Mmakaunyana, North West, to develop a foster home village project to care for orphaned and abandoned children.

The Foster Home Village is a phased multi-year project which includes the building of one caretaker flat and seven homes for children. Each home would care for 4-6 children.

We are excited to walk alongside this church as they create safe havens for orphaned and vulnerable children in their community.